Prof. Dr. Gerhard Mayr

  • Diplom-Kaufmann (University Degree in Business Administration)
  • German Appointed Tax Consultant



  • Sales tax advisory services
  • International accounting
  • Tax advisory services for insurance companies
  • Accounting for insurance companies
  • Business mediation


  • Business Mediator
  • Business Administration studies at Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich
  • Until 1997, three-year career at one of the big international firms of public accountants (Big Four)
  • Until 2000, Group Accounting Advisor at a German reinsurance company
  • Until 2003, Head of Accounting / Head of Finance / Head of Corporate Planning and Controlling of the German branch of a Swiss insurance company
  • Until 2009, Head of Controlling and Corporate Development of the German segment of an international group of insurance companies
  • Until 2013, Head of Finances of the German branch of a Swiss insurance company
  • Since 2013 Professor at the University of Rosenheim
  • Trustee for the collateral assets of a German life insurance group
  • Member of the German Registered Regional Association of Tax Consulting and Auditing Professionals in Bavaria (Landesverband der steuerberatenden und wirtschaftsprüfenden Berufe in Bayern e.V.; LSWB)
  • Languages: German, English